A Winter’s Daydream – Smash That Butt-on ‘Til It’s Sore

A Winter’s Daydream – Smash That Butt-on ‘Til It’s Sore

A Winter’s Daydream is a visual novel (VS). These are more popular among Japanese players and in Japanese industry. It’s basically a story telling game with 0 action. Yes, you just need one button – X to continue the narrative.

To be honest, I completed this game purely for easy and quick platinum (~30 minutes). Though my thumb hurts like hell. I don’t even know the full story of this game. It’s something like this – you had a fight with your little sister (you start after the fight/argument) and give her certain gifts over the whole story time and then she forgives you.

I really can’t say a lot more about this game. I love it when I can just smash that X button and almost break my finger to get the platinum. There are only 11 gold trophies and then 1 platinum.

Here’s the full list of trophies:

  • A Winter’s Daydream – earn all trophies (platinum)
  • Start of a journey – return home (gold)
  • Present for you – receive a gift from your little sister (gold)
  • Magical transformation – witness something incredible (gold)
  • Sweet treat – Watch your grandmother sample a cute dessert (gold)
  • Frozen tears – when things don’t go according to plan … (gold)
  • Two hertas beating – preside over a tearful reunion (gold)
  • Fit for a princess – repair your relationship with your sister (gold)
  • Bus ride – take a bus ride (gold)
  • Antiques shop – visit antiques shop (gold)
  • Credits – got to the credits (gold)
  • End of the story – finish reading (gold)

That is it. Nothing is missable. All you need to do is smash that X button and platinum will be yours in 30 minutes (or less).

Don Mazonas

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