Challenge Accepted: 30 Platinum Trophies in 30 Days

Challenge Accepted: 30 Platinum Trophies in 30 Days

Happy foul’s day everyone! Oh and this is not a joke. Today I officially accept this challenge – 30 platinum trophies in 30 days.

Please do note that I will be playing some games that require little effort and/or little time to achieve the platinum trophy. Of course, there will be some games that also take time to get to platinum trophy.

Also, any game that I have already started prior to this challenge cannot be used to get to platinum. For all I know I could have done entire game and all the trophies except one to get to platinum. This would be unfair. So any new game I haven’t played (at least haven’t played on PS4) should only count (and there were 4 games that I actually played on PS4 prior to this challenge – Iron Snout, Slyde, Assassin’s Creed Rogue and GTA Vice City).

Why am I doing this challenge?

Well, we are all quarantined now. I am lucky I still got my full time job (I worked from home even before the pandemic hit us hard). My role and salary have not been affected. I also have couple private clients who also haven’t been affected by virus (actually, they are doing even better because of amazing marketing that we do).

However, after work I would normally travel (especially one weekend a month I would fly somewhere in Europe to visit a city/country I have not been before). Sadly I cannot travel anymore so I play more games now. Don’t get me wrong, I played games even before we were all quarantined. Roughly 3-5 hours every day. So this is my challenge to see if I can achieve 30 platinum in 30 days.

Also, I don’t have to get 1 platinum a day. I can get 2 platinum trophies today and the 3rd platinum in 2 days. As long as 30 platinums are achieved over period of 30 days (basically, the end of April), I will consider this challenge completed!

Challenge summary

  • No games allowed that were played prior this challenge
  • It is not required to do 1 platinum trophy a day as long as 30 platinums achieved over the course of 30 days

You are all welcome to join me ­čśë

Don Mazonas

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