Continuing Ancient Egyptian Adventures in Assassin’s Creed Origins

Continuing Ancient Egyptian Adventures in Assassin’s Creed Origins

Current progress of Assassin’s Creed Origins

So I played for a few more hours last night. To quickly sum it up – reached level 21, killed Hyena and Scarab, reached Alexandria, Letopolis and Memphis.

There isn’t much to tell you really. I loved it how both targets had sand storms during their quests when I had to kill them. One in Letopolis, the other – around the pyramids in Giza. Will see if the other 2 also have sand storms during their fights.

Oh and I also played as Aya in this battleship mode. I don’t like naval battles. I didn’t like it in AC Odyssey either. Lucky for me, AC Origins does not feature ships (only this one mission, I think).

I also did couple of modern days campaigns. I really dislike it. I loved it when the first games in series had Desmond Miles – it was unique and interesting. Now we have Layla. Altough I must admit – she looks hot. So yeah, not looking forward to present time gameplay. Why can’t they leave it ancient/medieval parts only?

Trophies earned

So I earned another 6 trophies (totalling 9 so far – 14%) – The Sea, The Scarab, The Hyena, The Slasher (you can easily kill 3 enemies in a single hit by fighting a pack of hyenas with a long and heavy weapon (such as spears and heavy axes)), trophey for reaching level 20 and ompleting one tomb (which also gives you 1 ability point).

I also completed couple of forts. You get a whole 1,000 XP points for that! Nikau Fort and Akra Garrison. I didn’t feel like those were challenging at all. All you do is kill captain(s), commander(s) and loot a few boxes. Although I have to admit that bird’s view is quite crap compared to Odyssey. Once you find lootable box, it’s hard to track. It is very small on the screen when you are playing as Bayek. Maybe there is an option to make it bigger? I will certainly look it up.

Today’s plans

Today’s plan is to continue with the story, reach level 30, synchronise with as many viewpoints as I pass by, complete several simple locations as I discover them and generally enjoy the game. I hope to earn a few more trophies such as taming lion or something.

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