Couple More Trophies Earned Before Old Habits – Assassin’s Creed Origins

Couple More Trophies Earned Before Old Habits – Assassin’s Creed Origins

Hi all! So now I am at 75% of all locations completed. I didn’t play too much yesterday but it’s Friday today so I will play Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey a bit longer tonight. I would love to earn this trophy tonight so I no longer need to do this mundane task anymore.

So I earned couple more trophies – Master Diver where you need to complete 15 underwater locations. I also earned “Where is my Black Flag?” trophy where you need to kill 8 ship captains.

Next 2 trophies in line – completing all 5 hermit places (where you need to find a place to rest) and 12 stone circles. And then Old Habits for completing the rest of the 450+ locations.

My other worry is grinding for BOOM! trophy. You need to kill 30 guardians by shooting flaming arrow into breakable oil jars. It’s easy to create arrows with flame (just drop the torch and aim towards the fire). The hard part is finding perfect loacation where 1 or 2 or more guardians stand next to these jars. I think I already have 1 kill but not sure if that counts. The guy died from being lit on fire but not from the blast (jars don’t explode, just start the fire).

The other trophy I may have problem is selling 100 trinkets at once. Last time I counted, I had around 70. They are very rare but by the time I finish other trophies, I may have 100+ already.

I also can’t wait to start playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I think it’s much better. Will try to get platinum and 100% trophies in under 100 hours. Can I do it? I did it once on Stadia in about 105 hours. Now I know exactly how to earn the hardest trophies, so it will be easier.

Don Mazonas

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