Easy platinum trophies

Every trophy hunter is seeking quick and easy platinum trophy games for their PS4 (or PS3 if they are living under the rock). On this page, I will list all the games that I come across that have platinum trophies achievable within 10 hours or less.

Stupid quick platinums (under 30 minutes)


slydeI completed Slyde in under 1 minute, actually and I didn’t like it. Slyde is a puzzle game and you get trophies for completing puzzles within a certain period of time (I guess? No clear descriptions of trophies though). This game does not even deserve a proper review. Alright, I gotta be unbiased and, from trophy hunter’s perspective, this game is a fucking goldmine.

Platinum trophies under 1 hour

Iron Snout

iron snoutNow this game is quite fun but very short. Around 50-60 minutes to get a platinum. There are 3 harder trophies, however, they are all quite easy. First harder trophy requires to beat 50 wolves in a single game (my record – 108 wolves so it’s doable). The second harder trophy – beat 10 wolves in 1P mode (where you have only one life and if you are hit once – it’s a game over). The third harder trophy is not really that hard – just time consuming – kill 1,000 wolves (not necessary in one game though).