First 2 Platinum Trophies on the First Day

First 2 Platinum Trophies on the First Day

Hi all. As you may know, yesterday, I announced about my 30 platinum trophies in 30 days (basically, until very end of April). An no, it wasnt April Foul’s prank.

So today I am very excited to say that I earned my first 2 platinum trophies. Yes, not one, but 2 platinums. In this post I will briefly tell you what games I played but expect full and short sort of reviews of these 2 games. They will certainly make into my easiest platinum trophies list!

Super Weekend Mode

The first game was Super Weekend Mode. Perhaps, I had cheated a little bit. No, not the kind of cheating where I would be disqualified from the challenge. I played this game several months ago on Xbox One. I got 1,000 GS out of 1,000. So yeah, that’s that. It was great to remember quite crappy game, to be honest. I played it purely for platinum … and ego … because of platinum trophey you know. It’s quite easy game which took me about 10 minutes to earn the platinum trophy.

Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior

Th second game I played was Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior. So you control barbarian and you have to beat the first 3 bosses on any difficulty and then reach 1st boss on hard (not even fight it). Other trophes came naturally. I have to admit though, it was a bit challenging, especially because of combos. Unlike smashing X button to fight, you need to time it perfectly. Otherwise you just fall and enemy is likely to hit you. It took around 30-45 minutes to earn platinum.

So yeah, that’s that. I am already ahead of the challenge. OK OK, today is the 2nd of April. Today I probably won’t be able to get any platinum trophies because I will start playing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. I never played any Uncharted games before so this is going to be quite interesting. I will certainly blog about my first impression.

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