Marvel’s Spider-Man First Impression

Marvel’s Spider-Man First Impression

Hi all. So I decided to take a break from Assassin’s Creed: Origins and start playing something I haven’t played before. This time, it’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was released in 2018 and developed by Insomniac Games. And oh boy, the game wis amazing.

First of all, it’s open-world RPG game (the ones that are my favourites). Second of all, it’s Spider-Man. I remember I used to watch the cartoons like 2 decades ago. I have also seen all the movies too. So I love Spider-Man, if you haven’t realised just yet.

Since it was Sunday last night, I was playing almost all day because I had no work. So I played roughly about 8 hours and got quite a big progress.

Before I get into this, I’d like to say that whilst the game has Fast Travel feature, I certainly LOVE swinging through the city. I only used it to get the trophy “Born to Ride”. Other than that – swinging through the city is quite fast anyway.

The game’s combat system is also well made. There is a button for melee, ouple buttons for web attacks, dodging, air attacking, etc … it is really easy to learn to dodge and counter-attack but it’s not that easy to master it.

The game also features interesting gameplays such as “connect start to the end”. Do you remember those popular games “Connect the Pipes” and similar? Yes, that’s exactly the same thing. Also youcan play another type of puzzle game. I am not sure what they are called but you need to find pieces that match the displayed pattern.

Of course, since the game is RPG, you can’t go without levels and skills. The game features around 36 skills under 3 categories – Innovator (neat ways to fight), Defender (all about defending yourself) and Webslinger (ways to use your web). The levels go up quite easily and quite fast. One main mission gives you full levels. At least for the first 10 or 20 levels.

There are many more things to upgrade – such as your suit and your gadgets. There are 8 type of gadgets and around 40-50 suits that you can unlock.

Marvel’s Spider-Man side activities

There are also plenty of things to do besides completing main missions and side missions. Things like collecting backbags, stopping crime, catching lost pigeons, clearing up Fisk’s hideouts, etc …

My most favourite activity so far is certainly Harry’s research labs. There are quite a few of them and they all have different short missions. To be honest, I think these short missions are more interesting than actual missions and side missions.

In terms of trophies, these are all quite straight forward and none of them are missable. That means that you can complete the story and then do the remaining activities. According to certain guides, you can complete the game and get platinum within 25-30 hours. And it does make sense.

Marvel’s Spider-Man progress

So, within 8 hours or so, I managed to get 13 trophies already. I also completed 35% of the story. I am not in a rush to complete the story missions as I love just exploring the city and doing the activities in the area.

So far, I have collected all 55 backbags and found black cat’s hideout. Oh and I also opened all the radio stations. These stations work like viewpoints in Assassin’s Creed games. The only difference is that they can’t be used as fast travel points. Once you open the station, your map de-shrouds and you can see all the activities in that part of the area. Actually, there are 2-3 station in each area. There are 9 areas in the game.

So yes, I absolutely love Marvel’s Spider-Man so far. I am pretty sure that I will be able to get platinum this week, hopefully, before Trials of Mana comes out this Friday.

Don Mazonas

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