My first 2 platinums in under 1 hour

My first 2 platinums in under 1 hour

Hey all. So for the first blog post, I would love to brag about something. I got my first 2 platinums in around 1 hour (probably quicker).

So the first 2 platinum trophies I achieved yesterday and I really loved them. I mean, the platinum trophies, of course.

The first game took around, perhaps, 45-55 minutes. The second game – 1 minute.

Iron Snout

So the first game was Iron Snout. It’s actually a fun game where you control pig and you have to beat wolves. There are only 4 button controls and the game is very easy. There are 2 trophies that require a little bit of grinding. Other than that, trophies are easy.

The hardest ones I’d say are the one where you have to beat 50 wolves in a single game. The other harder trophy is where you have to beat 10 wolves in 1p mode. That’s the mode where you have only one life and if you are hit then you die. Oh and the one where you have to kill 1,000 wolves – that’s the longest achievement. For me, I can take out 100 wolves in one session so I only need to play around 10 games to unlock it.


The other game where I got platinum trophy is Slyde. It’s like $1 game and it’s shit. It’s like a puzzle. All you have to do is finish it. Achievements aren’t very clear either. My guess is solving within a certain amount of time is what awards you these trophies. Anyway, I finished my first puzzle in under 1 minute, got all 17 (I think) achievements, quit the game and now the game is gone. I bought it so I could quickly get the platinum.

These two games actually make into my quick platinum trophy games list.

The verdict – I absolutely LOVE the trophy system and the trophy levelling feature. I know that the top trophy hunters have levels over 300 and I am here … with level 5. It will certainly grow!

Don Mazonas

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