Setting up a date in Assassin’s Creed Origins

Setting up a date in Assassin’s Creed Origins

So yesterday I had a chance to play for aout 4 hours or so. Sadly, I only levellep up 4 levels so I went from level 21 to level 25.

Some of the side quests are bloody long and only give you like 1,500 XP while main quests are even longer and give you 3,000 XP. At least I prepared Siwa for “Old Habits” trophey – I completed all quests (not required) and all locations there *required”.

Despite some story related trophies – Lizard, Wake Up (where you have to fight that dragon in a dream sequence), I also earned another 4 misc trophies – I tamed a lion, brought lion to crocodile, fed crocodile (corpse) and flew with Semu for 30 minutes in total.

Assassin’s Creed Origins misc trophies

Alright, some of these trophies require some sort of setting up. There is this location called Lake Mareotis. I think level requirement is 6 here but who cares, right? There is this ship (red icon on map) where you are supposed to kill captains If you are after “Old Habits” trophy then you will need to complete all of these location too (a seperate trophy for killing 8 captains). On this ship, there is a lion. 2 of them, actually. Kill all people there and put lion to sleep. Then tame it.

Then find a boat and swim to the west side of the lake (left side) while having tamed lion by your side. There are crocodiles on this side of the lake. Easy date to set up ­čśë Then there are crocodiles for another quick trophy.

What you need to do is assassinate a guard and place it on the road. I had 2 corpes there. Then get attention of one (or more) crododiles, lure them to the land and run past those dead corpses you set up. Make sure you are about 30-50 metres from the crocodiles when they reach the bodies. Then they will lose interest in chasing you and start eating corpses.

Oh and I flew for half an hour with Semu. This one you will earn naturally because you frequently need to track or find someone. Also, you can easily “fake it” by pressing UP button to start flying with the bird and then turn off the TV and go outside or eat something. However, you will easily get this naturally.

I was also able to craft a few equipment pieces due to fighting a lot of animals yesterday. However, not enough for trophy that requires to craft 20 items. I also ran away from a fight with hippo. There is a trophy that requires you to flee 3 fights with hippos. 2 left to run away from.

Current trophy progress

So now I have 18% trophies overall (including DLCs) and 25% base game trophies. That means that I am slowly nearing to the trophy which requres you to complete all of the locations … which I am so NOT looking forward to. So at the moment, I have 15 trophies – 3 silver and 12 bronze.

Story wise, I am onto Crocodile’s second quest but it requires level 28. What I learned so far is that if your enemies are 2-4 levels higher then you have a big problem as you barely scratch them. And they can do a lot of damage to you with a single blow.

Today’s plan is to reach level 30 (or higher), complete crocodile, perhaps 7 farmers sub quest (there is a trophy that asks you to complete this side quest). I also plan on earning a few more trphies, perhaps, getting to 30-35% of base game trophies.

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