What to do after beating main story in Assassin’s Creed: Origins?

What to do after beating main story in Assassin’s Creed: Origins?

Hey there! First of all – Happy belated Easter to those who just had them. Happy upcoming Easter to those who are celebrating next weekend!

Alright, formalities are out of the way now – let’s talk about Assassin’s Creed: Origins. And oh boy, did I make a progress over the weekend? Absolutely. I played for at least 16 hours since the last blog post, so yeah, a lot of things can happen!

Alright, first of all, just beat the main story and it’s not as long as I remembered. That alone earned another 4 trophies (The Lizard, The Siege, Almost There and The End). What I disliked about it is the fact that you need to be equal level to “suggested” level of the quest. Otherwise, enemies kill you almost insantly.

Very disappointed in the last boss. The fight was too easy and boring. Not challenging at all (once you are level 35). But then again, I had to fight Septimus with Aya. Two short daggers/blades were super amazing – very long and super quick combo. Not very tough either.

Side activities in Alexandria nad Krokodilopolis

I also completed all the arena fights – I think waves were harder than actual bosses. 4 bosses in total but before you get to fight them – you need to complete 3 enemy fights (3 waves each). And no, I did not forget to kill one of those bosses with overpower skill so I earned 2 trophies – “For Those About To Die …” and “Fatality!”.

Then I also won the racing tournament in Alexandria. I played two tournaments because I didn’t win the first time. For the second one, I was lucky because I placed 2nd in each race but the enemy who won the first round, he died … not sorry. So I earned another 2 (not so easy) trophies – Ben-Hur and Road Rage.

Other random trophies

OK, I also earned a few other trophies by doing random activities – The Harder They Fall where you need to kill war elephants Qetesh and Resheph. Not that hard at all – what you do is dash a lot and hit their legs. If they are afar then just use arrows.

I also earned The Arrow Whisperer. It is very easy, actuall. I killed a standing enemy who was just across the river/lake. Use Senu to mark enemy – this way you’ll know the distance. Use Predator bow (and you need to learn a skill – Enhanced Predarot or whatever that allows you to control the arrow).

Then I also silently killed 10 enemies witout being detected. I did it in the outpost (with 2 spikes, not 1 and not 3). There was one where most enemies were asleep, so it was easy to kill 10. This earned me Shadow of Egypt trophey.

I also killed a level 35+ enemy with a torch that was poisoned (enemy, of course, not torch). This earned me Overdesign trophy. Then I earned “I can see my house from here!” trophy by reaching the “top of the world” in Black Desert. You’ll certainly earn it if you are after old habits trophy.

I also earned “I know my land” trophy by defogging entire world. All you need to do is visit the remaining shrouded regions – seas at the top of the map too. I also earned “Overheating” trophy by witnessing raining bugs in desert. It is quite interesting trophy – it can take a while or it can be done quickly. It depends on your luck. What you need to do is ride/walk/run/stand still in desert during the daytime. After a minute or two, Bayek will start hallucinating. There can be different hallucinations but you need to see raining bugs in particular for this trophy.

I also earned Smash!, Handy Man, Defy Authority, Rider’s License, Reporter, Seven Farmers and I’m Done Learning trophies too.

Old Habits progress

Alright, this trophy should be worth at least platinum on its own. Spent several hours completing the locations. So far, I completed these locations:

  • Siwa
  • Black Desert
  • Great Sand Sea
  • UAB Nome
  • White Sand Oasis
  • Desheret Desert

I’m currently completing Faiyum – it’s bloody massive – 35 locations to complete. I think I am half-way there now.

I think now I will earn this platinum trophy on Assassin’s Creed: Origins and won’t play DLCs to ge 100% for a short while. The reason is that not that long ago I got all 93 achievements on AC Odyssey on Stadia, then I played AC Rogue (I have quite a few trophies but certainly not all). And now this, gonna be at least 90-100 hours on AC Origins. I know I will replay AC Odyssey on PS4 later so that’s another 100 hours.

I just been playing too many Assassin Creed games, it’s crazy, I missed out on new ones like RE3 (I knw I know it’s been like a week when it’s got released. I am not a fan of horror games yet). But there are new games coming in 2 weeks – Trials of Mana (will be blogging about it) and Predator: Hunting Grounds (also gonna be blogging).

I also need to catch up with my 30 platinums in 30 days challenge. I only got 8 so far. So I guess I wil have to give AC games a short break once I’m done with AC Origins and I’ll have a few days for platinum grinding before the aforementioned games come out. That’s all. See you tomorrow.

Don Mazonas

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