Zeroptian Invasion review, trophies and guide

Zeroptian Invasion review, trophies and guide

Zeroptian Invasion trophy summary

  • Platinum difficulty: 1/10
  • Time to platinum: 10-15 minutes

Zeroptian Invasion review

So ths game is super simple and very short. Within half an hour you can easily get the platinum trophy. For me, it took around 10-15 minutes. I already had played this game o Xbox One back when I was achievement hunter. Now I transitioned over to PS4 and playing this game once again. Mainly for platinum trophy for my 30 Trophies in 30 das challenge.

So game is very simple – X button to shoot, right D-pad to move. Your job is to shoot all the “aliens”. Aliens can also shoot and sometimes they shoot quite frequently. There are also power-ups and 2 extra lifes.

Game is actually quite easy. All you need to do is beat the second boss to be able to get platinum trophy. There are more bosses than 2 but I never bothered to actually play more. It is actually a fun game for the first 2 minutes and then it gets a bit boring. Gameplay is also slow so it feels like it takes ages for the bullet to move from the bottom to the top.

Powerups include double shot (yes, you normally fire one bullet at a time and you can’t fire another one until the first one bursts. However, weapon powerup (P letter) allows you to shoot 2 bullets at a time. Also, there is movement powerup (-> (arrow point to the right direction)) and shield powerup (S letter).

Zeroptian Invasion trophy guide

Without further ado, let’s take a look at he trophies and how to earn them:

  • Platinum Invasion – Get all the trophies
  • Welcome – die for the first time
  • A hidden enemy – destroy the first boss
  • A Messy Enemy – destroy the second boss
  • Don’t give up – score 1,000 points
  • Good Job – get 2,000 points
  • Well done – get 5,000 points
  • That will teach them – get 10,000 points
  • Boosted – get a power-up
  • Going forwards – complete 3 levels
  • Excellent – complete 5 levels
  • Impressive – coplete 7 levels

That is all, trophies are quite self-explanatory. Just one thing to note though: each area features 3 levels and then the boss. So the last 2 trophies are still super easy to earn.

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